Security Checklist

Use this security checklist to quickly improve your digital security in minutes. It does not take much effort and can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Update Computer Software

Always ensure that your system &  your software is up to date. It's best to enable automatic updates.

     Use Private Search Engines

    You may use Google if you wish, but you can enhance your security by a great margin by using a secure alternative.

       Use Password Managers

      It's not a good idea to use a single memorable password for all your accounts. Use a password manager.

         Use 2-step Authentication

        Never solely rely on your password to login to your online accounts. Setup 2-step authentication today.

           Use Secure Email Providers

          We're not stopping you from using Gmail, however, encrypted email significantly improves your digital security.

             Use Encrypted Messengers

            You should try to avoid avoid holding prolonged conversations via email. Use secure messengers.

               Use a VPN to stay safe

              A secure & trusted VPN provider will keep your actual home IP address hidden to prevent websites from storing it.

                 Backup your data securely

                It's always a good idea to very often backup your computer & online data to a secure cloud storage provider.

                   Be smart on the internet

                  Before clicking a link, sharing info, or registering an account for a site, verify that the site/source is trustworthy.


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